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Welcome to West Boca Sweets!

Nice meeting with you! My name is Margie and I love to cook, bake and eat! I started baking when my son was turning to 2 years old.  On his birthday, I made him an 8" round superman theme cake, which it turned out to be so good and the kids and parents enjoyed it. So, then I realized I just enjoy baking.  Since then started to offer my baking skills to my friends and mom's at my son's school.  Then people are telling me why not start a cake business.  When I started to focus on it, in the beginning my husband was not a fan of me doing it, however my baking still continues and started to show my cake is getting better and better.  The design I created just started to look a lot better.  So then he finally said - you're the Queen of cake baking. In February 2016, I focus my mind into it. I created a website and purchased the domain name.  I am not completely there yet but I am working on it. 

I was born in Central Visayas region of the Philippines, Dumaguete City.  My Dad is a great cook, he usually gets invited to Fiesta's any where in nearby city.  To cook their food to feed many stranger people.  Fiesta is part of Filipino tradition, that we believe sharing a meal with strangers strengthens us all.


I finished my Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management in 2001 and graduated 2004 in Master's Degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management at Philippine Women's University. While studying I was also working at The Wine Press, Manila, Philippines whom my very talented boss during that time is Bradley Mitton, who thought me a lot in the Culinary industry.  Since then, I enjoyed teaching for over 3 years at DeLasalle Dasmarinas Cavite with my crop.  Learning and sharing knowledge is accomplishment to me, until I decided to moved to United States.  I met my loving husband Jeremy in 2007 who makes my life more meaningful with my most adorable 4 year old son Matthew who is very curios about life.


Bites and Wine will introduce to you a combination of Filipino food culture, my skills and my passion.  I have travelled for work and pleasure to Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam (Saigon), Quatar UAE and spend more time in Singapore for an on the job training in Hospitality (Hotel and Restaurant Management).  I am very thankful for that, I was able to experience the different taste of culinary.  Filipino food has evolved over many centuries from its origin to a mixed cuisine of Mexican, Malay, Indian, Chinese and American adapted to rich ingredients.  


Bites and wine will brings you delicious food accompanying with great-valued wine whenever, wherever, either at your home get-together, parties or corporate functions/meetings.  Check out our menu page and book your event when you're ready to experience our disparate muti-culti combination of yumminess food.


If you are unable to find what you are looking for, please contact us at:  |  Call Now at: 561-877-3507

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