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What is Bites and Wine?

Bites and Wine host party from small group of 10 to large group of 30, at your home get-together and/or corporate or office functions.  We provide services locally from Maimi to Martin County.  We require to provide us a 30 day advance notice for large group of 20 and up to prepare for your event.  We offer very low-priced packages that surely worth it.  We also offered B&W Party Club Membership for 6 months or 12 months plan.  We are dedicated to provide only thee-BEST customer service to our guest that leads to repeat business. 

How do I join the Bites and Wine Club Membership?

To join the party club membership, complete the form on HOW IT WORKS page and select your party plan.  Complete the CONTACT US form and click send.

Why should I choose Bites and Wine?

When you choose Bites and Wine, you're choosing the best party hosting provider and party club membership there is!  Tell us what you need and we will certainly make that happen. Customer is our priority, service is our passion. We will make sure that your satisfactions is gauranteed.

When will I receive my membership package?

You will receive your party club membership as you sign up.  You can utilize the plan after 2 weeks from the date you sign up online.

Does my unused paid events accumulate?

Yes, your unused event accumulates without expiration.  You can use it anytime of the year, notify us at least 2 weeks in advance if you are ready to use your paid event.

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