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Let's Go To Paris!

Vanilla Favor Cake Pops

Lately, I noticed that my Cake Pops have become popular. I get super excited just thinking about this little hobby and now it has become a business. Sometimes I am just imagining what I could do to make this reality, then I realize it's actually happening. Like making cake pops and someone paying for your service - it's actually doable. I also realized the more I make cake pops, the more efficient I become. I find ways to improve the next time around and I find materials that could make things easier and faster.

Let me brag a little... A 6 dozen cake pops is ready for pick up the next day! Considering the design and taste. Yup! It took me about 2 nights to finish them all.

This Cake pops was one of the orders I can never forget. My client was very specific about what she wants, she want to make sure I don't screw it up. I said "Yes" I can do it. She explained to me the exact details of what she wanted - Eiffel tower Cake plus Paris theme Cake Pop, she wants specific color, design and flavor. The result was very successful. I saw the birthday girl the other day, and she was very proud of her birthday cake that I made, an Eiffel tower cake!

She was telling people how delicious and beautiful the cake and the cake pops were.

Making Cake Pops to me is so much fun! This is the type of work that I don't consider a job, it's fun! I don't even realize the time until I feel like I have to go to bed. By the time I am wrapping individual pops, I am actually in front of the TV watching my show "Top Chef". This tells me one thing - it's a hobby.

Please leave your comment and let me know how I can improve my work. Here's my version of how to make cake pops recipe.


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