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Best Tres Leches Ever!

Easy to make and taste so good! I took another slice, and then another and I realized, I am supposed to watch what I eat! Oh well, too late now. I'll start again tomorrow. That was the scenario in my head when I tasted this cake.

People in the back!!! If you need to bring dessert to a party this weekend, let me know, I will quickly whip them for you! I guarantee you, this will be a conversation piece at the party. This will be the first thing that will disappear on the table and then they will ask for the recipe! Well, that is easy, just DM and I will send them to you!

Growing up in the Philippines, we used to "no dessert" after a meal. There is no such thing as a dessert. What we normally do - you finished a meal, have a drink of water and you're done!

The 3 milk used in this recipe are condensed milk, evaporated milk plus the whole milk. These are most common items that you can find in most Filipino household. And up to these day, I continue to use the same brand #Carnation this has been well- tested in my kitchen. A delicious homey-taste and aroma. So good!

Tres Leches is available for purchase. This can be one of the cake flavor of your own cake design as well. Or it can be packed just like this or similar to the Beach Theme Cake below.

It is recommended to place your order at least 1-2 weeks in advance.

And because of the use of fresh slices strawberries, this can be made at least a little ahead to 2-3 days, keeping them in the refrigerator.

If you are interested to purchase, click the "Buy Now" button below.

Traditionally, Tres Leches served in a sheet pan, topped with whipped cream and slices of strawberries. The good news is that I found an idea to keep it moist and creamy on the bottom and at the same time making my her wishes come true! She wanted a beach theme cake with shells, ocean, and sand combo. So, let's put our creative hat on!

Tres leches originates in Mexico. I cannot thank enough the Mexican's for inventing this amazing dessert! So good!

Visit my YouTube Channel for more #shorts and #videos of my creations! It might find it helpful for you and get ideas on how to bake and be creative in the kitchen!

How do you make your Tres Leches?

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