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Day 2 - Trip to the Philippines During the Pandemic - Japan

June 19, 2021 - the longest leg on this trip - Dallas Fort Worth to Narita Japan. It says 14 hours 27 mins covering a distance of 6169 miles to get to your destination. Whoa! I am exhausted just thinking about it.

Just to get an idea, the plane is flying at 571 mph, this was about after 3 hours being in the air. Can you imagine the speed!? Whoa! mind blowing.

My husband and I were putting thoughts together about which airline should I take this time.

We have been flying with Delta Airline in the past and they have been very pleasant and accommodating. This time since I am flying by myself we decided to venture with American Airlines, considering the dates that fits my schedule and the cost.

The plane landed as expected, from Fort Lauderdale to Dallas Fort Worth. I have a two hours layover and use it to find out where my next Gate # is. It says I have to take Skylink - I said to myself what is that and where is it!? I have no idea where it is! So, here comes the panic attack that starts lingering on me. When I looked at the Monitor to find out where my gate # is, and looked at my phone app and I looked at my boarding pass - they all have different information! I said, the monitor should be the most updated one! I took a Skylink and Yes, I found D23! Yay!

I looked around and there was very little crowd, although we still had about 1 hour and half before boarding.

Then a huge panic attack happened! A Chinese guy walking around checking the boarding monitor, I asked - where are you heading out? To Japan then Hong Kong, he said and you? To Japan as well and then to the Philippines.

He was telling me that he and his son and another friend were stranded at this airport for two days now because of a missing document. They asked for Certified Business Accreditation Certificate - that they show proof they are accredited to provide RT-PCR test. "You cannot board without it!" Where the hell am I going to get it!? (in my mind).

Do you have it? I said no, I don't - so here comes another panic mode! I called MDNow probably 15 times or less, we get disconnected many times or she cannot hear me - and finally I got a hold of someone, she was explaining to me that they were never asked for any document like this, "we have been giving PCR test for travel purposes and no one ask for Certified Business accreditation certificate!"

So, I researched exactly what they are looking for. I am pretty sure if this place are certified it should be listed in public records. I traced the corporate address for MDNow and I found the certificate number! The Chinese guy says, "they do not take phone pictures, you will have to print it"! Ugh! There is a Business Suite stall across the gate and I had it printed on them. Ugh! That was the most chaotic 30 minutes on this leg.

I was in line for document review and questions at the Gate - the gentleman at the counter said - you are heading to the Philippines? I said, yes, you do not need to provide this - he is pointing to the MDNow Business Accreditation Certificate - in my mind, (are you kidding me?) Philippine does not require this only in Hong Kong! My jaw dropped and my mind wanting to explode!

I mean, lessons learned - I guess you do not have to listen to them. Just focus on yourself. This scenario happens to me twice on this trip, when someone wants to be your ally; someone wants to have teammates, but it doesn't work that way all the time. Your ally could be your enemy and will drag you down.

"Group 4 - now boarding!" I hurried to get in line and I looked around and there wasn't a lot of people! I said, I could probably get a whole row just for me! As I scout out for my seat number 9L and there it is, it was the first row by the window on the left! I was like yay! Lots of legroom and I do not have anyone on my row - there were 7 seats empty! This is good! So then I situate myself!

Let there be edible food...! Photo on the left is our first meal on the plane. It was about lunch time on land.

I chose chicken with rice over squash risotto - that sounds good but never appealing to me the food on the plane.

This tray contains chicken with rice and potatoes, steamed edamame, lemon tart for dessert, and bread and butter. I was hungry so I ate half of the chicken, rice and edamame. The tart was hard as a rock, the bread was frozen along with the butter - those stayed in the tray.

Most of the time I fall asleep on the plane. My seat has a recliner, foot rest, sleepers, blanket, headset etc... It was definitely pretty comfy compared to the seat we had at Delta. I've watched a few movies, mostly cartoons, none of the movies list that really interest me.

Finally, we landed in Japan, the same day - June 19, 2020. We passed through the International Date and Time change area in the air. But my body was exhausted! I knew this, we've flown before - so this is expected.

More exhausting and informative topic to come on my Trip to the Philippines during Pandemic!

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