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Day 4 - Trip to the Philippines During Pandemic - Quarantine

We arrived at Kabayan Hotel Pasay City at 12:01am Philippine time, June 20, 2021. Ate MM and I were so exhausted and hungry but we managed to keep everything under control.

After taking care of the emails sent to BOQ, I took a shower, then chatted with Ate MM on the hotel phone and finally went to bed! I woke up probably around 8:00am, most likely about 2-3 hours sleep. My body was feeling like USA time plus the jet lag. I feel like I am still floating in the air.

I woke up hungry, so I looked at their room service menu and found lechon kawali (photo here) There it is! It was so good! The portion per serving is just perfect for 1 person - I mean, it was enough for me.

At check-in last night, we got a short briefing from the front desk about the quarantine rules. In a pre-booked hotel, we have to indicate 10 days, it doesn't matter if for some reason you will be released earlier - it has to be 10 days. During the quarantine - we have to stay in the room the whole time - the only area you can use to walk around is by the hallway back and forth. Basically, you are in jail. You paid everything to stay in this hotel to be like in a jail. It was so wrong in many ways.

I knew that I was going to undergo quarantine but I never thought that it would happen in Manila. This is not my final destination, I was hoping to quarantine in Dumaguete, so I can be near my family and perhaps able to see them from a distance.

In the first 3 days of quarantine it was tolerable - I tried to think positive, made myself busy, updated my website and did a little work-out! I did actually get perspirations! Then logging in and out, updating my website online and writing this blog.

On the 4th day, I was able to ask someone to buy me a wine - the room service menu does not include alcohol - I am not sure why. We have to find someone outside from the hotel to get it for you. Ate MM has a friend near who can grab something for us. This whole thing is ridiculous.

A bottle of Cabernet it is! I took a sip that night and that's it. I was thinking, my swab test is scheduled the following day. I do not want to mess it up whatsoever. I know.

I need to do everything to make sure I follow their guidelines and be done with it.

I can't wait to get out of here!

I can't wait to get out of here!

I can't wait to get out of here!

My niece in Dumaguete is checking in with me daily. We discussed the plans when I get there. We discussed important documents I need to provide at the airport Making sure that I have everything I need. She always has a positive mindset. To me, in this situation - I tend to be a complainer and sounded negative at times. Please, can we switch places? How about you try it here and I am out there and tell me how you feel. Exactly! I can't wait to get out of here!

Well, let me say that - we are almost there! 6 more days! Waaahhhh! It's 7:05pm, I am feeling tired now. Tonight, I ordered Lechon Kawali and Nilagang Baboy for dinner. Sounds like lechon kawali is my favorite! It was good but it is a lot for 1 person. No worries, it will still be good tomorrow.

God please watch over me and help me make this quarantine fast! Like hurry!

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