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Day 5 - Trip to the Philippines During Pandemic - Swab Test

On the 7th day of quarantine is our swab test day! Too many mixed emotions right now. Could it be negative or positive!? Physically, I am very healthy - no signs of symptoms whatsoever.

At 3:05pm I got a call from the front desk saying "Mrs. West, you're scheduled for a swab test today? I said "Yes, I've been waiting for it all day. Please come down on the 2nd floor, as you get out of the elevator turn left and enter through the double door. Don't forget to bring your passport!" Okay, thank you!

Literally, today I was up at 1:04am, I couldn't go back to sleep! So, I watched movies, on YouTube, talked to my family in Florida and other things, until it was 6:05am I took a shower and did my hair and make-up thinking, if they call me at 8:01am, I am ready. The thing was, they did not tell us what time they were coming! With this team of people who will come to hotels - they just show up whenever. Understandably, they may have gone to 100's of hotels before us, based on the hotel category! I was thinking if you were in the 5 star hotel - you'll probably get swab first than those in the 3 star hotel! Would it not!? What is the parameter!? Where do they start, by radius?

Immediately, I grabbed my passport, pen, cell phone and room key! I was the first one to arrive! Thank God! Because as soon as I got there - everyone was coming in - the conference room of that hotel was immediately full!

What really surprised me was, they used 4 different swabs, 2 hit the throat and 2 for each nostrils. OMG! I was nervous! Back in the U.S., they only use 1 swab for both nostrils! I took at least 4 covid-19 tests before with all negative results! I am thinking, if I have just even a bit, they are definitely going to see positive results! I mean, what are the parameters here in stating you have negative or positive results!? Right now, I am freaking out - I am thinking I am positive - God, what would happen if I am positive - everything is going to delay. My Mom would again be dismayed with this whole thing.

Now, I questioned myself, was this a smart move? Was I creating a bad decision, stressing everyone around me? God, please help me!

I am so close and yet so far!

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