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Did Matthew Enjoy His Room Service Cheese Burger?

This was a kind of moment that you just wanted to do something that you've haven't done before.

Those moments that, you wanted to do things right but not perfect!

Sunday afternoon, on a 3-day weekend on the Martin Luther King Day, we picked up Matthew after his violin class and drove straight to Hard Rock Hotel in Hollywood, Florida, we just wanted to do a little getaway! We arrived at the Hotel around a little past 5'oclock in the afternoon.

But before that, let me share with you when I booked our room, I knew exactly what I want, 2 queen beds in the Oasis Hotel and I mentioned we have a dog with less than 14 lbs. She said okay, got it... then she asked me what time do you think you will checking in. I said, between 4-5pm.

When we arrived, Mr. Brown (Receptionist) said, let me check your room, I will be right back. So we waited for maybe about less than 10 minutes. My troops do not have any patience - Max was growling each time he sees other dogs. Matthew was seating on the floor, looking tired and Hubby has unhappy look on his face like WTH is going on? Since I planned this whole thing, then obviously they all are going to blame me if anything goes wrong!

Finally, Mr. Brown came back and said, "my apologies for the wait... the room that you booked is not available right now, we would like to give you a complimentary upgrade to The Guitar Hotel with King size bed, with balcony on the 28th floor". Hubby and I are staring at each other and I said, without extra charges? I need to make sure I heard it right! He said, "Yes, no extra charges"! All of a sudden my troops begun to lit up, all smiling... and answered in unison, OK! Lol!

Mr. Brown said, how many keys do you need? Matthew replied "3" oh, no, 4 - one for Max! (he whispered that part) and we were just smiling. He handed us the keys and directed us where to head up to the iconic The Guitar Hotel!

One word to describe the room "Amazing"!

The door was all sealed with a sticker that marked as sanitized room. Matthew scanned his key card, as soon as we got in, we were so busy as a bees running around and checking every single corner of that room! It was gorgeous, plenty of room for the 4 of us, so big with bathtub that it definitely fits 2 people in it! The shower room has multiple knobs that you can direct the water towards any part of your body. The balcony has two lounges, a coffee table with two chairs and extra rain shower section! Who wants to take a shower outside?! Wow, never find anything like it! It was the sweetest upgrade I ever had!

The room is located on the skinny part of the guitar, where a few of the levels contains balcony. It looks like it was the only room available that time! We were so excited!

Matthew wanted to experience room service! Of course, in this iconic place, the room service was top of the line, with set-up and all. While Matthew was finishing in the shower, his food arrived, he was wearing this oversized Hardrock robe while eating his cheese burger. However, he said, I'd like McDonalds burger better! Lol! I cannot believe he said that! Definitely, he isn't used to this thing. While Jeremy had a bite of the burger, saying "so good"! he later wanted to finish the whole burger! But that was for Matthew! He left it alone. We were heading down to the casino anyways and grab something to eat and find something fun to do!

Overall, it turned out perfect, we had a great time! Definitely one for the books!

Feel free to comments with what do you think with your experience!

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