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How I make this Dessert Table - Package C.

Planning a party is a lot of fun and of course a lot of work. This package provides inspiration, motivation and ideas to make your event less stressful.

This package gives you an option to go one stop shop, the goal is less stress and convenient for you.

In every description of my cake posted on my website, I indicated "please place your order 2 weeks in advance" this way, I have time to prepare all the ingredients I need.

In fact, I created this as an SOP schedule in order to balance my FT job and managing SB.

Dessert Table Package C consists of a 2-tier cake measuring 8 inches bottom tier and 6 inches top tier. Clients are eligible to select a flavor and covering (fondant or frosting), a dozen of Cake Pops, also eligible to select your flavor and design. Plus a dozen of Cupcakes, eligible to select your flavor and design as well. This package is highly recommended! Instead of getting each item from different places, WestBocaSweets is a one stop shop. I will work with you every steps to make your event even more memorable.

Anyways, timing is very important, you can't make them too soon because you want to deliver the best product - freshly made. Cake pops are done first, they can last at least 2 weeks keeping them at room temperature. Next, baking cakes, once baked you can keep them in the fridge - this was done 3 days prior to decorating.

Then baking cupcakes - this is done 2 days prior to due the date/delivery date. To start the cake decorating, you need frosting. All materials are ready to assemble 2 days prior to delivery date. Here are the timing of each items completed:

  • 2-tier cake - 4 hours

  • Cake pops - 1 hour

  • Cupcakes - 45 mins

  • Cleaning - 1 hour

These are done when everyone at home has finished dinner. Sometimes, I make meals big enough for the next night so I do not have to prepare another set of dinner. Sometimes, everyone agrees to have take out dinners. However, during this time we did not do any of that.

This order was agreed to be picked up at 5:30pm, this is exactly the time I get home from work. However, the lady was calling me at 4:30pm telling me if she could pick them up since she was out running errands. I insisted, it is not ready although everything is ready. I needed to be there to hand everything making sure they are all good. At the end she decided to have it delivered, I looked up the address on google map, it was only 8 mins drive, I said, ok, however, there would be an additional $10 delivery fee. She agreed.

The job was completed where everyone was feeling happy. She was delighted and happy with how it turned out! She gave me an additional $20 tip total when I dropped it off at her house. #convenient cost you a tiny bit.

Feel free to share your thoughts, what inspired you in life.

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