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My First Boss and Mentor!

Back in 2007.

A year after I arrived in the United States, Mr. Martial Blaise hired me as a Passenger Service Agent (Reservationist) at the Palm Beach Cruise Line.

A job that couldn't be more perfect for me at that time; a job that helped me reached my goal - was to learn how to communicate in a way others speak and be able to understand what they really mean quickly. Being new in a foreign country, adapting their culture, language, and even ingesting food was inevitable.

Mr. Blaise had seen something in me, and I had successfully navigated working in such a demanding environment trying to fit in.

He showed us:

  • How to look best at work (physically and mentally)

  • How to talk softly and carry a big stick

  • How to manage chaos and resolve it with less stress

To name a few...

Mr. Blaise demanded excellence from me and everyone who worked in the call center. He challenged us to take the highest number of phone calls each day.

When our limits are pushed in a healthy, empowering way, it can help us fulfill our potential and provide us with the drive and motivation to excel.

Later that same year, I won the challenge – I was awarded as the highest-rated Agent, and received an employee of the month certificate.

It feels great to be recognized and at the same time, I learned so much on so many levels!

Mr. Blaise leads his team by working side-by-side with us, treating us like a second family, and creating unity with a common goal.

Leaders, keep in mind as you interact with your new hires and youngest employees, your influence matters.

To Mr. Blaise and all my mentors, Thank You!.

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