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Rainbow Smash Cake

Where did the smashing cake come from? Listen to this, as far back as ancient Rome, the bride could expect to conclude the festivities by symbolizing male dominance and encouraging fertility, according to Renee Strauss, wedding expert and founder of WEDAWAYS.

I really thought that smash cake is for a child celebrating first birthdays, that the child has not tried sugar in his entire life! But remember, we have the bride and groom happen to continue the old dumbest way to end their wedding is to smash cake on each other's face! What dah!!! Ahhh, Babe, no thank you, we can skip this part! Move on!

This cake in the photo was specially made for Levi's first birthday last week. The reaction was priceless, so innocent, she now found out that sugar is enjoyable! lol!

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