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The Perfect Crack

Perfect Bundt Cake

Every day is a learning experience. Looking at this perfectly classic Bundt cake makes me think of who invented Bundt Pan and would make a perfect Bundt Cake? So, there it goes... with the help of Google and I found out that Mr. H. David Dahlquist was the founder of a company named Nordic Ware, which was based in Minneapolis and manufactured kitchen products. Two women named Fannie Schanfield and Rose Joshua asked Mr. Dahlquist to make an early example of a bundt cake pan in 1950. They were members of a Jewish women’s service group called Hadassah.

Any kind of cake baked in a bundt pan is considered a bundt cake. These special pans are more than a simple baking dish; they are like cake molds that come in all kinds of sizes and designs. After the cake is baked and turned out of the pan, it will not need much decoration because it is already in a decorative shape. Bundt cakes will often be dusted with powdered sugar or have a simple glaze drizzled over the top. Most people do not frost them completely, because that would hide the beautiful appearance of the cake.

Most two layer cake mixes will fit in a bundt pan. You can choose any flavor you like when making a cake in one of these pans. Typically, the recipes used to make bundt cakes are pound, sponge, or butter cake. Almost all bundt cakes have a hole in the center. If you want to have a special presentation of the dessert, you can put other items in the center like ice cream, fruit, or whipped cream. The following details the history of the bundt cake and how it came to be so popular.

There you go... that is what I learned today!

Lastly, my co-worker Mary, who recently retired, found out that I love to bake, so she handed me this brand new Bundt pan. I love it! Now, it is one of my favorite items in the kitchen besides my sharp chef's knife that my husband gave me. Lol!


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