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Turon Recipe

Makes 6 Turon (Banana Lumpia)

Prep time 10 minutes

Cooking time 12 minutes

Total time: 22 minutes

By WestBocaSweets


6 pieces Ripe Banana (plantains, cut in halves)

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

12 Lumpia Wrapper

1/2 cup Vegetable Oil


1. Roll ripe half banana in brown sugar, ensure that banana is well coated with sugar.

2. Place the well-coated banana in a lumpia wrapper and fold in. Use water or egg wash to seal the edge.

3. Heat oil in a pan for 220 degrees, add a tablespoon of brown sugar.  Wait until sugar floats and then slowly slide in wrapped banana in the heated oil. 

4. Fry banana until golden brown both sides, sprinkle a brown sugar on top if desired.

5. Serve hot or add a scope of ice cream on the side.  Enjoy

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